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"Exploring Successful Case Studies for Treating Chest Pain"

Chest pain has many possible causes, all of which need medical care.

It can be Heart-related causes. Inflammation of the sac around the heart, called pericarditis. This condition usually causes sharp pain that gets worse when breathing in or lying down.

It can be Lung-related causes. For example, Inflammation of the membrane covering the lungs, called pleurisy. This condition causes chest pain that gets worse when you breathe in or cough.

However It also can be digestive causes. For example, Heartburn. This is a painful, burning feeling behind the breastbone. It occurs when stomach acid washes up from the stomach into the esophagus tube that connects the throat to the stomach.

The most interesting part is that some types of chest pain are associated with injuries. These conditions include costochondritis, injured ribs. or sore muscles.

A successful case in our clinic is A 35 male who represent burning stomach and chest pain. He reported the symptoms of constipation, gas bloating, heartburn, poor appetite, fatigue. He had a doctor confirmation of healthy heart and lung.  We have done three treatments to clear out his chest pain symptom. First session worked on the mobility and motility of the stomach. He had a hiatus hernia tension that cause him an increase of air in the stomach, heartburn, difficulty in swallowing, left-sided chest pain and stomach-ache. Second treatment we worked on the release the back tension and alignment the spine and the sacrum.  Third treatment we worked on the thoracic region. With the unique listening skill, we were able to identify the precise of the pain location. We adjusted the injured ribs, the Intercostal muscles, and the irritated nervous system. The client reported that his chest pain was gone.

We have a few similar cases of chest pain caused by costochondritis, injured ribs. or sore muscles. Therefore when you follow up with your family doctor and confirmed that you are no heart or lung emergency condition, you can run a checkup with us for the  costochondritis, injured ribs. or sore muscles.


RMT, MOT @ Pure Wellness 2024

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