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A case of Ankle issues - kind of feels like something is slightly out of place.

A professional soccer player came to our clinic this week and present ankle pain. With bony landmark evaluation, his body showed unequal waist angles and right thoracic curve with unequal shoulder angles. His head held forward with a few spine curves and lots of tensions showed on the upper and lower back.

The general listening is leading me to the lower extremities and local listening to the left foot. His foot is cold and tarsal bones is out of alignment and range of motion are restricted. so, he walks and stands by the lateral edge of the left foot.

After adjustment of the tarsal bones and fasciae release the restriction of the circulation of his foot, his knees and hips ,his standing and seated posture is surprise improved. The spine is straight, and the pelvic floor is balanced, and no upper back and lower back tension was shown.

The similar situation is on a 6 years old soccer player, after adjustment of this boy’s feet, he is able to stand straight and his spine is back to alignment.

Osteopathy Conclusion: An untreated foot problem such as chronic pain or malposition can provoke arthrosis of the hip or sciatica some years later. By the same token , a lumbar problem can in time compromise the hip, knee , or foot.

Come to check with your local osteopathy for foot pain or malposition.

Pure Wellness @ Calgary

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