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A successful case of an abdominal pain

Updated: Mar 20

One of my clients came to visit me with a constant abdominal pain at 8 out 10. She thought she had appendicitis so she went to emergency two days ago. After 12 hours completely checkup, the hospital released her with no diagnosis. She got some pain management meds.

With the checkup, we noticed that she had puffy lower back and extra fluid on the hips. Right leg pain when passive lift up. Her abdomen is slightly warmer than other parts and her pain is on the location between iliocecum sphincter and the root of mesentery. Her right ovary has fascia tension.

According to the Visceral manipulation book by Jean-Pierre Barral: retrocecal adhesions/fixations create abnormal tension on the peritoneum and right psoas muscle and femoral nerves. Percecal vascularity can also be disturbed.

The first treatment on fascia release of ovary and nerve plexus balance and adjust of the sphincter . The second treatment is on the fascia release of the mesentery and peritoneum. After we did the right psoas muscle stretches and strengthens and right iliac fossa release, her pain is reduced dramatically . The second day following up: the client replied:"Hi ☺️

I am doing better this morning thank you for checking on me 😍"

Conclusion : 65% of case , the appendix is usually found in a high retrocecal position, where it can irritate the psoas.

Sunny, RMT, MOT

Pure Wellness

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