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A successful case of feeling not flexible with tight back, legs and hips

A 16 years young client came to see us for a back pain treatment. He is 6 foot 6 inches tall and he plays a lot of basketball. He has issues with flexibility that result in injury and back pain. He complains about his tight back, legs and hips. He also mentioned that he can't do stretch as the stretch will make him in abdomen spasm. He have physio treatments for two months , it is getting better but slowly progress. After first session with the back pain treatment, he was tension free and he feels he is growing 1 inch taller.

Through the research of visceral manipulation and our clinic practice, We have discovered that the cecum is a zone of mechanical conflicts, being pulled between the urogenital and digestive systems. The ileocecal junction is 4cm wide. It acts in some ways as a sphincter. Pressure on the cecal side is usually around +20cm H20 in relation to that in the small intestine, and so the valve is closed. Distention of the ileum decreases this pressure differential by both mechanical and reflexive means, allowing the valve to open when necessary.

Pathology: Restrictions of the cecum often disturb sleep. There may be pain that begins at 2-3 A.M. and disappears three hours later. Patients with such problems tend to sleep on the right side with the right hip and knee flexed, and to sit cross-legged with the right knee over the left and the trunk rotated to the left. Cecal problems can also lead to knee pain. We have seen this most often in 10 to 14-year-old girls and believe it is related to the hormonal and mechanical effects of the maturing ovaries on this area of the body, where there is already increased tension, causing pressure on the nerves that traverse the lower abdomen and innervate the knee.(Visceral Manipulation II by JEAN-PIERRE BARRAL)

Atypical Symptoms A list of symptoms follows that can be explained by means of osteopathic chains or result from the patient's history (Visceral Manipulation in Osteopathy by Eric U. Hebgen, DO, MRO)

• feeling of heaviness or spasms in the abdomen

• flatulence

• prone position is uncomfortable

• coated tongue and bad breath

• fatigue in the late afternoon or fatigue with insomnia

• painful and light-sensitive eyes 3-4 hours after eating

• feeling of heaviness in the legs in the morning

• shallow breathing

Visceral pain Pain(Manual Therapy for the Peripheral Nerves by Jean-Pierre Barral Osteopathe DO (UK) ) :

On the right side is typically caused by the cecum or ascending colon, and on the left side by the sigmoid or descending colon. Pain in the urogenital region could involve the ovaries, ovarian tubes, or bladder. The uterus is more influenced by the sacral plexus.

If you have the similar issues, please come to check with us. Our Visceral manipulation treatment is licensed with massage and osteopathic certification . It can be the good start to quickly resolve your symptoms.

Sunny RMT, MOT

Pure Wellness 2024

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