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Coccyx Problems

Who has yet to fall on her/his tailbone? After a serious impact-confirmed by x-ray not to be a fracture- it is worthwhile to consult an osteopathy or chiropractor to release ligamentous tensions resulting from the trauma.

The osteopathic techniques goal is to reposition the coccyx in order to relieve tension on the nerves and ligaments. One of our clinic case was a 40 years female has constant pinch sciatica pain at 8 out of 10. The client mentioned her lower back and mid back very painful and shooting pain due to postpartum. After 2 sessions of manual osteopathic back pain treatment to release her ligamentous tensions, she was pain free right away after the treatments.

Our another successful clinic case was a 24 years male. He came with 2 years long right hip tightness and backache. The pain come and goes at the level of 4-5. The pain can get worse when standing for long periods of time. Right after the session of coccyx repositioning and relieve tension on nerves and ligaments, he was claimed the pain was reduced and in two weeks he declaimed his pain free on our google review.

Advice for backache
  1. Move as much as you are able. in the acute phase, it is advisable to change position moving from lying down to standing up as much as possible. Sitting is often painful. You may try to walk short distances then take as much breaks as you need. It can improves venous and lymphatic circulation around the intervertebral foramen through which the sciatic nerve passes.

2: Heat the back in the morning and night with the knees up.

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  • Manual Osteopathy Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Osteoarticulation for Restricted/Painful Joints or Spine

  • Visceral Manipulation(RMT,MOT)

  • Neura Manipulation for Trauma(MOT)

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