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How Does Visceral Manipulation Therapy work?

In order for a person to be healthy, all of the numerous elements ( organs, muscle, bloods) must have proper motion. Each organ has a specific movement pattern when it is healthy. Our aging is the act of losing our elasticity, mobility and flexibility and due to injuries, poor posture and emotional traumas, organs can lose some or all of this important motion.(From Jean-Pierre Barral D.O) . When we fall down on the coccyx or experience an impact during a car accidents, high dense organs like the liver, the kidneys, or the spleen receive and store part of the energy produced by the trauma. Sometimes it is difficult for the clients to see the correlation between trauma and the pain because the symptoms will appear much later.

Visceral Manipulation can check up even you don't have symptoms. It can enable the organs to regain or improve their mobility and prevent the pathology. For example, Osteopathic visceral manipulation can work on a congested livers or a hardened or less mobile liver which has a high risk to the hepatitis. Our therapist can relieve the pain caused by an ulcer or the scar adhesions from forming after the surgery. We can help the stomache find a better position and make it more mobile and functional. We also can check the state of your ribs, diaphragm, pleural and heart attachments.

When you have symptoms like poor digestion, abdominal or pelvic pain, difficulty breathing, dorsal and low back pain, and sciatic pain, it is important to check with your physician to ensure you do not have a serious illness which needs to be addresses. If they don't find a serous illness, you can book a Visceral Manipulation with us for a check-up.

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