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Make sure there is no abnormal tension in pregnancy

Do you know Round ligaments are very important for pregnancy? Round ligament is normally 15 cm and during pregnancy the hormone elastin can lengthen it to 40cm which is 3 times longer. If one of the ligaments is restricted, it could create abnormal tension to the pregnancy. For example if the restriction from the appendectomy can cause the uterus rotation and side bend and the baby inside will have compression of the head and shoulde. Therefore it is very important to make sure the ladies has well balanced round ligaments before or during the pregnancy.

"The hip is always related to the urogenital system." (By Jean-Pierre Barral). Plus, the curvature of the lumbar spine always affect the angles of the uterus . Also if you have lower back pain or hip pain, it might be a good idea to check with osteopathic therapists.

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