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Osteopathic Talking-- knee pain

Knee pain can originate as a dysfunction of the knee itself or in the aftermath of a fall or a sprain where the menisci or ligaments have been damaged. Pain also can be the consequence of a lesion coming up from the foot or of a problem descending from the vertebral column or the hips.

Do you know the diet with high in sugar combined with an excess lactic acid can causes muscle contracture and can underlie knee pain?

Do you know intensive sporting activity can make the knee vulnerable and fragility of the joint. One seemingly harmless movement and the knee can snap.

Do you know Popliteal Synovial Cysts show up mostly in females during menopause. They are located behind the knee and they can become problematic if they provoke compression of the vascular or venous system.

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  • Manual Osteopathy Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Osteoarticulation for Restricted/Painful Joints or Spine

  • Visceral Manipulation(RMT,MOT)

  • Neura Manipulation for Trauma(MOT)

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