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Stomach pain -feels very hard like a rock

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This article is dedicated to the girl I met in the clinic who was seeking a stomach massage for her non-medical issue 15 years of constant concerned. At that time, I just completed my osteopathy visceral training. I was so surprised when she asked me because so far no one comes for a stomach massage. So I smiled and tell her she was the lucky one.

The good news is that after two sessions, her stomach turned soft and she was very happy for what I have done. For me, I was honored by her trust. She was just so much like the young me that was holding inside and knew there was something wrong and trying hard on seeking the truth. I am glad we are able to find the solution together.

She mentioned she like playing soccer but her neck pain when she run. She said she would like to run again. I wish she is able to run in the summer.

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  • Manual Osteopathy Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Osteoarticulation for Restricted/Painful Joints or Spine

  • Visceral Manipulation(RMT,MOT)

  • Neura Manipulation for Trauma(MOT)

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