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Unlocking the Mystery: Understanding a Woman's Knee Pain from an Osteopathic Perspective

A female client around 65 came to see us with right knee pain. She has hard time to walk and go up and down on the stairs. She had hysterectomy 10 years ago and a few weeks ago, she had a fall landed her right shoulder.

During the examination, we have been noticed that her right knee and her pelvis lower back region has extra fluid around. With the listening skill, it guided us to ovary tension. After we released her ovary tension, her pelvis floor and vertebrates are more alignment and her lower back muscles are more relaxed. Magically there is a decreased swelling on the right knee and lower back. After the range of motion restoration, she is able to move her knee freely and her pain is disappeared after a 50 minutes osteopathic treatment.

What happens? —Here is the research at Barral institution

The ovary can get sensitive, painful, and congested when there are injuries to the peritoneum or other neighboring tissues. Visceral therapy can directly affect mobility of the ovary and indirectly leads to physiological effects as decreased swelling of the tissues, reduced lumber and pelvic pain and general improvement in patient’s condition.

  • Problems of the right ovary are often related to the cecum and appendix. With certain problems of the cecum, particularly those caused by poor diet or malposition, the ovary may become inflamed.

  • Problems of the left ovary are more often related to the reproductive system. The left one is more affected by internal hemorrhoids.

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  • Manual Osteopathy Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Osteoarticulation for Restricted/Painful Joints or Spine

  • Visceral Manipulation(RMT,MOT)

  • Neura Manipulation for Trauma(MOT)

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