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Unraveling the Mystery of Back Pain: Understanding the Causes and Solutions

Many times our clients came to us with back pain without clues. Some said she just woke up with it or some people said she just wrenched the back by opening the car door.

What just happened and why ?

There can be a loop cycle between the back muscle spasms and the inner organ irritation. We know that a somatic vertebral dysfunction can irritate the laterovertebral sympathetic chain and cause organ dysfunction. In return, the irritated organ sends nociceptive messages through the already dysfunctional vertebral segments. The result is that we can get an exacerbation of vertebral muscle spasms and an aggravation of the vertebral segment irritation. The sympathetic chain then sends more efferent messages that increase organ irritation, and so it continues.

One of the foundations of the work we do at Pure Wellness is breaking the loop and releasing the organ fasciae tension and restoring the structure and function of the spine.

Please visit your local Osteopathic to check with the back and find the root cause.

Pure Wellness

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